Previous James Madison Charitable Trust projects

Since 2002 the trust has provided financial support and inspiration for many projects which have produced a wide variety of seminars, workshops and conferences as well as many publications including articles in academic journals, pamphlets and books.  Here is a short summary.

The Centre for Federal Studies at the University of Kent

A major achievement of the Trust has been funding the establishment and then the on-going support of the Centre for Federal Studies at the University in Canterbury. The Centre has provided teaching and research opportunities including a number of PhDs and publications.  Conferences and colloquia have been organised bringing together scholars from across the world. In 2016, the Trust was delighted that one of its trustees – Dr Adrian Pabst – was appointed Director of the Centre and it is expected that fruitful collaboration with the Trust will continue. Information about the Centre can be found at

Federal Trust

Support for Federal Trust’s annual programme of research, publications and conferences over 11 years.

Federal Studies Conferences

The trust has held many annual conferences at the universities of Kent, Bath, Cambridge and Edinburgh. In 2018 we held a conference on The Spirit of Europe in association with the Écoles des Hautes Études Internationales et Politiques (Paris), the European Institute of Personalism and the Revue Politique et Parlementaire at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

Projects about Europe

  1. Germany and Europe, Prof. Charlie Jeffery, University of Birmingham
  2. EU Constitutionalism, Prof. Jo Shaw, Edinburgh University (3 projects)
  3. Identity, Diversity and Federalism, University of Middlesex
  4. Europe’s Global Role, RIIA, Chatham House
  5. WPCT : EU: Culturally Vibrant but Politically Stagnant?
  6. Bristol University: Federal solutions to state failure: Madison/Monnet
  7. Lessons from early USA, Prof Stefan Collignon, Harvard University
  8. Economic Governance in EU, Prof Ian Begg, LSE
  9. European Security & Defence, Stephen Haseler, London Metropolitan
  10. EU External Policy , Prof Richard Whitman, Bath University
  11. Europe in the World, FT & European Alternatives, Brendan Donnelly
  12. European Integration and Federalisation: Belgium, Kent University, Dr Paolo Dardanelli
  13. Interactive Website: Regional & Local Autonomy, Unlock Democracy, Peter Facey
  14. Federal Solutions / Madison / Monnet, Bristol University, Prof David Coombes
  15. Winter School, European Academy, Bolzano, Dr Elisabeth Alber
  16. Ventotene Seminar 2012, Altiero Spinelli Institute, Prof Guido Montani
  17. EU Citizenship Programme, Altiero Spinelli Institute, Joan Marc Simon
  18. Financial Crisis & Federal Europe, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, Prof John Loughlin
  19. Future of Britain in Europe, Prof Tom Spencer
  20. Young Europeans, Young European Movement, Chris Powers
  21. Europe, Democracy and Citizenship – Understanding attitudes to the European Union, Unlock Democracy
  22. In or Out? Debating Britain’s EU membership, seminars organised by University of Kent
  23. Exploring and Explaining Devolution in Europe, 1815-2015, Dr Paolo Dardanelli, University of Kent
  24. Europe in the Archives, Europe in the Future, UACES, Professor Helen Drake
  25. External Relations and Federalism in the post-Brexit EU, University of Strathclyde, Professor Paul Cardwell

Projects about Britain

  1. Federal Britain, Prof. Stanley Henig
  2. FACTs. New Politics Network
  3. New Politics Network: Community Panels
  4. Comparative Devolution, Prof Charlie Jeffery, Edinburgh University
  5. Federal Solutions for UK, Edinburgh University, Prof Stanley Henig
  6. Devolution as Federalising Dynamic, Edinburgh University, Prof Charlie Jeffery
  7. Reforming the British Constitution, Federal Trust, Stanley Henig
  8. Regions in England, Middlesex University, Prof Enid Wistrich
  9. Welsh papers, Cardiff University, Hywel Ceri Jones
  10. Financing devolution in the UK, Constitution Unit, UCL, Dr Alan Trench
  11. Variable Devolution, Unlock Democracy, Peter Facey

Projects about Global Governance

  1. Centre for Federal Studies, University of Kent
  2. Federalism leaflets. One World Trust
  3. Federal structures and Climate Change, One World Trust
  4. One World Trust, Climate Change
  5. Federalist solutions to conflict / Global citizens’ representation an conflict prevention, One World Trust, Michael Hammer
  6. Federalist Archive, University of Kent
  7. Global Climate Community Film
  8. Federalisms, East and West, the Europaeum (St Antony’s, Oxford), Prof David Marquand
  9. Federalisms and localisms, The Europaeum, Dr Paul Flather

Projects on Comparative Federalism

  1. Central Banks in Federal Systems: Performance and Governance, Banking and Monetary Committtee of the Global Policy Institute, London managed by Professor Sam Whimster
  2. Why centralisation and decentralisation in federations, University of Kent, Dr Paolo Dardanelli

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