James Madison Charitable Trust (JMCT) & Local Government Information Unit (LGIU)

JMCT is giving financial support to an LGIU project looking at the current context for, and challenges facing, Local Government. A series of seminars – involving local authority leading members and senior officers and external specialists - is considering current major issues. These involve inter alia:- i. Relationship between Westminster...

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Central Banks in Federal Systems

A project by members of the Banking and Monetary Committee of the Global Policy Institute London, managed by Professor Sam Whimster, is assessing the relative effectiveness of the US Federal Reserve Bank in comparison to the European Central Bank. The project takes as its assumption that federal political systems are...

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Contemporary European Studies

A project by the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES), managed by their chair, Prof Helen Drake. (more)...

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In or Out? Informing the political debate and popular opinion on UK’s EU membership

A seminar series organized by the Centre for Federal Studies, School of Politics & International Relations, University of Kent, with the support of the James Madison Charitable Trust (more)...

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