Apply for a grant

If you would like to apply for a grant from the trust, please check that your proposed project fits the objectives of the trust, complete an application form and return it to us by email at or complete the form below. The trust has committed its funds for 2018 -2019 but welcomes applications for grants for projects from April 2019. You can make a preliminary application any time up until 1st October and we will give feedback to help you complete a final application by 15th October. Otherwise, just make a final application. The trustees will be meeting on 29th October and will respond with a decision within two weeks from that date. You can also apply at other times if you have an urgent, time-sensitive application which we will try to deal with quickly but we cannot guarantee a fast decision.

  • Applicant Details

  • Project Details

  • Full description of project

  • Finance of project

  • (NB: Project managers should keep records of expenditure as the trust may require to see them.)